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 Breaking Bad: Neo-Spacian Chaos Engine?

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PostSubject: Breaking Bad: Neo-Spacian Chaos Engine?   Sun Apr 22, 2012 10:53 am

I thought of this like the Destiny Draw engine but it lacks in a sense.
Still working a deck around this with a play-style of Mystic Piper

Gives you a +2
Thins your deck by 3
Easily fuels for a Black Luster Soldier or Chaos Sorcerer play.
They are level 3's and can easily XYZ into rank 3's.
Panther puts in work against most "Boss Monsters" by taking their effects.

Highly inconsistent without Cross Porter
Sometimes you can have Convert Contacts but no Neo-Spacian, vice versa.
They can't really do much on their own especially Glow Moss.
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Breaking Bad: Neo-Spacian Chaos Engine?
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