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 Thunder King Rai-Oh

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PostSubject: Thunder King Rai-Oh   Sun Mar 25, 2012 4:17 am


This card has been good since it's debut
But this format people has stepped away from it
It's really good when going against most decks like
It's good against that TGU+Sangan play when they leave their sangan for the search.
Against Wind-Ups he isn't THAT good atleast in my opinion since they play weenie monsters.
Even if you negate something they will have either another Rank 3 on the field easily.

He's not really good against Inzectors because of their pop plays
Dino Rabbit plays Reaper and the obvious Snowman Eater which you run into most of the time.

I mean,he has his Pros and Cons but I'mma side him instead playing him in the main board atleast this format.

But that's my 2cents.
Feel free to add on this T-King post Smile
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Thunder King Rai-Oh
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