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 ranking up the dorms

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PostSubject: ranking up the dorms   Sat Mar 24, 2012 3:34 am

If you would like to go higher to the next dorm, I can be the judge of whether you pass or fail Razz

Here's how I think it should go:

- You shall duel me in 3 duels, it's not a match where you win two and your done, just 3 duels.

- I will use 3 different decks in all of them to test how you can react to and change to each one.

- you must use the same deck every 3 duels.

- You are not allowed to use exodia, burn, stall, mill, meta or tier 3 decks, and no OTK or FTK.

The uniqueness of the deck shall affect your overall score so if you use one in which you can do strategies that many people have used (such as abusing Darkness metal dragon's eff to try for an overkill), it shall negatively affect your score. If you use one that uses strategies that you think very few people use (such as using mind control in a charmer deck so that you can use your opponent's monster to tribute it and special summon a familiar-possessed one), it shall positively affect your score. I like decks that no one but you use, it shows that you don't just build to win, it shows you make decks and duel to have fun. You ARE allowed to use overused cards IF you do not use it in ways that tier 3 or meta decks use them. For example, in a dark world deck, card destruction abuses the effects of the monsters when they are sent to the grave, but if you use it in a deck that is not dark world, you may use it and it shall not affect your score.

Those are basically all the rules. If you would like a rank up, post here and I shall pm you the best times to do it, and we shall work something out. GL to all, and thank you for your cooperation. Razz
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ranking up the dorms
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