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 Armand's side story

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Armand Star


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PostSubject: Armand's side story   Sat Mar 17, 2012 12:43 am

when i finished my test for the academy, i felt different, and i've been having this feeling that someone is following me. no one is near, but i know i'm not alone. and i feel a strange energy coming from my deck.

i went to the academy's library to do some research.
i didnt find any answers, i decided to read one last book before leaving. i dont know if it was luck or something else, but that book had the answer.
the book was called Introduction to Duel Spirits.
also i found a book about the academy, apparently there's strong spiritual energy surrounding this place and it makes it possible for duel spirits to appear.

so i have a duel spirit? why me? and how?

i was so confused, but at least now i knew what happened. now, how do i meet my spirit?
i keep reading the book, it was complex and confusing. so i couldnt understand much.

from what i understood, the spirits likes dueling and they like to show up during duels.

this cant be, my spirit didnt show up during my test. there must be something else i'm missing, but what?

maybe i have to do something during the duel, but what?
then i thought i shouldnt think too much about it, and i kept reading the book.

maybe i shouldnt worry too much. i felt their presence so that must mean they want to meet me too, right? i should keep dueling and eventually my spirits will come to me. that's what the book says.

i decided to keep looking for my dorm, i keep going until i find what seems to be my dorm.
all the students here have red jackets, this must be the Uria Crimson dorm.

oh well, i'll ask someone here for my dorm

i find a student near the entrance. i should ask her.
but suddenly, the girl screams. i asked her if she was ok, i see she has a mark in her face like if someone hit her with a whip. but i saw her face before the scream and she didnt have that mark, and there wasnt anyone else here.
i thought, could it be one of these ghosts? maybe she has one too? if she has a spirit maybe she can answer my questions

i take my duel disk and i stare at her.

I need you to duel me!
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PostSubject: Re: Armand's side story   Sat Mar 17, 2012 1:48 am

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Armand Star


Posts : 109
Join date : 2012-01-14
Age : 26
Location : Nicaragua

PostSubject: Re: Armand's side story   Sat Mar 17, 2012 2:55 am

this was my first duel against someone with spirits, i didnt know what was gonna happen but this was something i had to do. i challenged the student and we started.

the duel ends.


while i was walking, i realized when knight and soldier are on the field they always get me out of trouble, could they be my spirits? the book i read earlier said most people have around 1-3 spirits but there is no limit as to how many can someone have.

i have 2 spirits then, and now i know who they are. i'm sure they will show themselves soon.

and so finishes my day, it's almost night and i'm still looking for my dorm...
this was a great day.
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Armand Star


Posts : 109
Join date : 2012-01-14
Age : 26
Location : Nicaragua

PostSubject: Re: Armand's side story   Sun Mar 18, 2012 6:54 am

i was so focused on finding my spirits, i forgot about everything else.
i missed most of the introductory meeting and i wasnt given a map, and the academy is huge.
i was lucky i found the library and the Crimson Uria dorm, i thought my dorm would be close to Crimson Uria's, but it wasn't.

i didn't have anything to eat on the whole day, now it's time to sleep and i didn't find my dorm.

what am i gonna do now... No

i'm hungry and sleepy. i walk around for a while... i dont find anything helpful...

i cut some fruits from a tree...
at least i can have dinner now... this should be enough.

i sit next to a small river, there are some fish, i'd like to eat fish but i can't cook, so i'll only eat fruit today...
good, i can clean the fruits and drink water from the river.

i eat, staring at the sky. the stars are so beautiful.

i finished eating, now to sleep. what now?
i dont know what to do, it's really late and i'm lost.

i keep walking. i'll keep looking and maybe i can find my dorm. today was a tiring day, it's late and i need to sleep.
i find some buildings, but not my dorm... after a while i find the main building, i find a map of it inside and no one seems to be here.
everyone must be in their rooms... hmm... now's my chance to go to the kitchen and grab some food!

and so, i went to the kitcken, i spent some time eating, making sure to not leave any evidence. after that, i steal some bottles of cola and i leave.

now i had to sleep but i have only found the main building, and i didnt want to spend the night there because someone could catch me stealing the food. i stare at the window for a while...

i steal some more colas and sandwiches and i leave.
i keep walking until i find a really huge tree.
hey, this doesnt look bad at all

i climb up the tree. yes, i decide to sleep in the tree.
i lay down in a huge branch and open another bottle of cola. i drink, and i finally get to sleep.

this day wasnt bad, i got food, drinks, i'm one step closer to finding my spirits, i can see the stars from here, and it's a little cold in here, i like it!
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PostSubject: Re: Armand's side story   

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Armand's side story
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