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 Introduction to Roleplaying!

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PostSubject: Introduction to Roleplaying!   Fri Mar 16, 2012 6:58 am

If you're reading this, you've expressed some interest in Roleplaying. But what IS roleplaying?
Exactly like what the word says, your taking on a role, a story that is not your own. Another term would be steeping inside the shoes of another.

While Roleplaying, you are not you. While you roleplay (RP for short), you think like the person your play, act like you think your character would act, and do as your character would do. For many, if done right, you can almost feel the setting around you, hear a clash of battle that doesn't exist, or the feeling of jumping from canyon to canyon.

It is quite like you've gone into another world, another country, another LIFE... all from the safety of your computer. RPG's also simulate this effect, but too a far lesser degree. It's one of the reasons why games like Final Fantasy, Fire Emblem, and, for those duel minded, the yu-gi-oh video games... and MANY others.

Sound cool right? Good.

The First Step- Where on earth am I?

Before you begin roleplaying, you need a few key things. Like first off... what are you roleplaying? You need a place, a time and, more importantly, a plot. You can Roleplay in w hatever world you like: Perhaps you want to take a walk in a city beneath the waves? Go for it. Feel like Roleplaying on a different planet where dangerous man-eating plants attack you on sight? Just remember to bring plenty of explosives. Another popular thing is Rp'ing in a pre existing world, such as in a video game or an anime.. books, movies, anything can be rp'd out of

The plot doesn't have to be that long, or well thought out (though it's almost ALWAYS better the longer it is) but, it gives the rp backbone, something to work for, something to keep the story moving.. It can be as cliché as A princess being kidnapped, or as complex as 307 cursed silver pieces has possesed the minds of men, leading the world to extintion via a world war, or anything in between, and well past it. I find that the better the plot, the better readers will be motivated to stay, and see what happens.

Often or not, if people get in to it, they will do their best to add to the plot, and get things moving.

The Second Step: WHO am I?

Alright, you have your story. You're setting, you're plot. You get ready to five in the world.... only to stop. You don't have a character, so how can you roleplay in the world!

Your character, while not physically alive, is a representation of you.They are not empty shells You have feelings, emotions, traits, and so does your character (well, STRICTLY speaking, it's okay to have some sort of stalwart shell, or rp'ing as the living dead,,, that would be dull, walking and groaning over the entire course of the rp)

The trick is creating a believable character, from their names, to the style of clothing. The last thing you want is a 65 year old hairy man in armor, a big broad sword, and named Phineus in a world where you RP in a space station.

It IS good to make a 21 year old man in knight armor, with a hand and a half sword name Paul in a land where one must the princess from a medieval dragon n a medieval castle. Get the picture?

Like there's no end to the world you RP in, there's no limit to who you play as.... as long as it's logical of course.

What NOT to do in an Rp (otherwise known as the 'Don't EVER do this if you don't want divine punishment to fall upon you' list)

The first on the list is God-modding. Or, in simpler terms: Making another character do something. You are you. You are not Sally, nor is Sally Jim.

And Example of Godmodding, and how it would piss people off:

"Sally attacks Jim by throwing a grenade at him. Jim sits there watching the pretty rock looking thing, until it exploded, and he died."

The obvious problem with this is simple, 1), She killed Jim, another persons character. 2) she controlled him him to where he did nothing to defend yourself.

A better way to have wrote the sentence is

"Sally tossed a grenade at Jim, hoping he would watch the pretty rock until it exploded, killing him."

This gives the chance for Jim to actually responded, and choose what to do. He could post saying he dug a ditch at the speed of sound, or simply ran like the grim reaper himself was at his heels

Now, things like dreams, or imaginations void this. Sally can be dreaming that Jim exploded in pretty colors, but it didn't actually happen. That's okay. More explanation available upon request.

The curse of the one liner.

This is more personal preference, but one liners kill roleplays. Here's the best example I can give. In my last post, I write 2-3 paragraphs telling someone my characters auctions, thoughts, feelings. Then, the person I was talking too says, “Sucks to be you.” and that's ALL he put.

Having your character be mean is fine. I have no problem with that. What IS in issue is that he barely did anything to advance the story. He simply made a half-asses response, end of story. Writing is the blood of an rp. One one person d posts something as little as this, another rp'er has to pick up the slack whee the previous one left off. DOo this too many times, and they'll likely leave out of annoyance.

I'm not saying write 2-3 paragraphs. 1 Paragragh is fine just.... for the dear love of god, don't post a single sentence!

If there's any questions, ask. I'll post them on here, as long as with their anwsers

Writing a post.
How you post in an RP matters as well. I'm sure most of you already know this, but do not post your form like a script for a drama play. It's basically jumbles of one-liners (see below) Posts are to be written in paragraph form, preferably in third person (no using 'I' unless you are talking.)

I shouldn't have to give an example, but ask if you need one.

Humans are humans, not fish

This is basically saying that if you're a human, you have to live withing the limits of a human, You cannot fly on your own, nor swim to the depths of the ocean wearing nothing but swimshorts, and expect to live to tell the tale. Logicality is key
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Introduction to Roleplaying!
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