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 Tag Team Duel Rules.

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PostSubject: Tag Team Duel Rules.   Wed Jan 25, 2012 12:50 am

How does Tag Duels Work?

Okay , so this is how tag team duels will work... The concept is simple , while there is no "real" way to tag duel , we can do the best to play a game with nearly identical rules, it will work like this :

1 player of a team team will duel against the other team's player , each team may choose which duelist will go duel first , however its important to know , that the victor of each duel will get to keep his life points at the same value they won with , for example , i won a duelist of thier team and i had 3100 life points left , so i will get to go against thier 2nd duelist starting with the same life points( NOT 8000 ) , However its important to know that the victor of the duel must go 2nd against the other duelist ( there will be no rock paper scissors ).

In a Draw Scenario , there will be rock paper scissors between the 2 remaining duelists , the one who wins will get to go first.

You may choose any member of the team you are in to team up with you against another team's tag team (the partner's can always change , as i said , you may team up with any member of YOUR team for a team duel against another team) you cant choose to team up with players outside your team.

Rules :

1) the winner of a duel will get to keep his life points at the same value he had after he won (not resetting to 8000 ! )

2) The winner of a duel goes 2nd in the game against the second team's duelist.

3) in case of a draw , rock paper scissors will decide who goes first between the remaining duelists.

4) The tag duels will be played under our academy's banlist , which means , No Exodia , No burn , stall , mill , wind-up loops , both TCG and OCG are fine.

5) The winner of a tag team duel will recieve have thier prize doubled , instead of 10 points awarded for his team , they will be awarded 20.

6) The winner of a tag duel MUST post in this section to claim his prize , providing screenshots , or the confirmation of another team , The way you post is same as normal team duels , Example : Kiryu Kyosuke (Team Satisfaction) Vs NoxNovus (Team Dino)

7) No card changing / deck changing will be allowed between the games at all , if your opponent can prove you changed deck / cards between games your team will be disqualified.

Text : i won the tag team duel - > screeshots / confirmation.

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Tag Team Duel Rules.
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