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 Recreation of Future World Academy.

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PostSubject: Recreation of Future World Academy.   Sat Jan 14, 2012 10:41 pm

This academy has been hacked by a user named Leon Chance, he had access into Crow Hogan's account from previous academies ( although crow never actually gave it to him , i suppose he was able to figure it out. )
We are recreating this academy and securing it roughly, we're working around the clock to restore everything so if you were a previous member and you were in a team we will do our best to return you to your rightful place.

I want to add some things.

After this insignificant incident, caused by the already named Leon Chance, we're working on getting everything back to normal. We're sorry for the trouble, but we're on the best way to restoring everything.

What I'll do now, is not usual for me, but I just feel like he deserves it.

Leon Chance has tried to destroy everything we have a few times now.
I don't have the slightest idea, how he knew about my pass, but I changed it to something very difficult. I don't believe anyone could hack me now.

But my main point is, if you feel like what Leon did was wrong and should not be forgiven, then you have the chance to take revenge. His DN Account name is Stalkerjr. Spam him, duel him. Destroy him.

As I said, that's not what I usually do, but hacking into my personal acc is something I can never forgive. Leon has been IP banned from this site, and every intent of his, to bring us down, will end in a failure.

I hope you can enjoy your stay here, since our best men are working on keeping this site "little-creeper"-free. Ban Hammer.

Paws Up, Crow Hogan
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Recreation of Future World Academy.
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